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ebook quality - creating professional ebooks


  • Ebook design, formatting and conversion;
  • Standard ebooks (such as novels) with text only or text and a few pictures;
  • Interactive ebooks with text, pictures, active links and embedded video;
  • Speciality non-fiction with tables, footnotes and other requirements;
  • Children's picture books.


A summary of ebook quality prices is given below. Please get in contact via the Contact page for more details.


Standard ebooks (fiction or non-enhanced non-technical non-fiction)

Formatting and conversion: £60 for 60,000 words or less, £1 per 1000 words thereafter (a large number of images will cost a little more).

Enhanced or technical ebooks

Formatting and conversion: £100 basic plus extra charges depending on the nature and requirements of the enhancements.

Children's picture books

Starting from £45, the price will depend on the number of images and whether or not they need processing.